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Diary of the Single Vet Tech
The Revelation of Absolute Destiny - Apocalypse
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5th-May-2012 04:22 pm - some people just don't get it!!
dear roomie,

you know that i'm moving at the end of the month so why are you giving me crap about finding a job when you know that i am in need of one????? I want to at least be able to have some form of work available to me where ever i move to. unlike you, I do NOT have the luxury of getting a check every 3 months like you do. i do not have the luxury of taking my sweet time and waiting to look for a job.

i'm sorry if i'm being harsh, blunt and realistic, but it is the reality that I live in and there isn't much i can do about it except bust my ass and get my resume out there.


~H </smallrant>
28th-Oct-2011 12:00 am - an update to keep this journal alive
car broken
got a new one
new one turned out to be a POS
sold new one
waiting on check from school
will use check for another new car
other new car better not be another POS
2 more terms left for school
that is all.
19th-Mar-2011 02:30 am - Meme

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8th-Mar-2011 09:30 pm(no subject)
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11th-Jan-2011 02:27 am - 2011
This is my face
2011.....well let's see how this year will turn out.
25th-Dec-2010 11:54 pm - a word from the overlord...
Yotsuba Vs Asagi
merry x_mas minions!!

that is all.
16th-Dec-2010 05:46 am(no subject)
Luke Squee!!
Had a very awesome b-day!!...it wasn't the best, but it was definitely awesome.
29th-Sep-2010 08:31 pm - Sanitation and Hospital Management
Well i'm almost completed Hospital management and Sanitation class. Got a final on friday and monday so i know i'll do ok....they are actually 2 separate classes so i'm passing w/ an A- and a B.

My current teacher is trying to turn us all into germaphobes.....plus she has a human hair phobia but she's totally fine w/ animal hair...weird eh??

Rumor has it that we're going to be heading into Animal Behavior next and that we'll be back together with the other classmates that we left behind in the other classes. So it'll be nice to be back w/ some of them again.

Got to see alot of animals this term. today i met an english mastiff whose paws were as big as my hands...plus if you weren't careful he could have sat on you and squish you. ^@___@^ The class got coned today in unloading bails of hay and feed for the goats, rabbits, and small rodents that we will get to work with at some point....so now the carpal tunnel in my right hand is acting up from moving the damn hay. ^><^

Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday. YAY! went to olive garden and it was awesome as always.

more laters

Ja ♥
22nd-Aug-2010 01:38 am - more updateness
I passed Anatomy and Physiology with an A- and I was the ONLY A in the whole class!!!!

I'm gonna miss my A&P teacher, she is awesome. She thinks that i'll be a great Vet tech because of the fact that I actually apply myself to what i'm trying to learn. Mom seems to think that I actually want to be a vet tech more so than the other ppl in my class. Me, I just credit everything to watching the Discovery channel when i was a kid when they actually showed nature shows on there...and watching Mythbusters alot....^_^()

It still sucks that I can't get on LJ at school!!!! >_< hell it would make posting here alot better since then I would be able to update more and at least tell you guys about my current classes.

I have a feeling that possibly this new term starting on monday that I'm gonna probably be having ppl that i know of who are going into A&P will be asking me for help.
Yotsuba Vs Asagi
sorry that i haven't been posting in over 2 months.....dang school does not allow access to LJ and by the time i get home dang hubby is hoggin' the interwebz because he's freakin' busy playing WOW all the damn time....

anywho....passed math on the second go around and passed basic science w/ flying colors.....I Anatomy and physiology and i'm bored as all bloody hell in that class only because we're just rehashing out the shit we learned in science class....

buttons graduated training class yesterday and it's hot as hell.

more when I can post <3
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